Me in Motion

It’s not about a gym! It’s not just about routine and sacrifice but rather a lifestyle. We’re not limited to where and how. It’s about exposing your unlimited potential expressed through technique and creativity. It’s the whatever, wherever and whenever attitude that lets me live my passion. The challenge of each of my clients is my passion. Simply put I am a devoted family person who is inspired and driven by my dad. My dad has been my biggest influence into the fitness field. Having played provincial softball for many years and being coached by South Africa’s top softball coach who is my dad, has allowed me to be exposed to the sports field and more recently to the fitness industry. I haven’t always been positive about my appearance and maintaining a positive body image. After I matriculated i suffered many years with an eating disorder and was very skinny weighing 49kg, height 1, 65. My obsession with food was never positive and my idea of being in the gym revolved around 2 to 3 hours of cardio a day.

I soon made a conscious decision to start changing my lifestyle and my passion to help young girls far outweighed my own issues. I qualified as a Personal Trainer and decided to start changing my way of thinking towards eating correctly and training properly.

This transformation had changed my life and allowed me to have a better and more fulfilled, healthy lifestyle. I am incredibly grateful for the support I get from my coach, his commitment and dedication to seeing me fulfil a goal is amazing. My family and friends have noticed a change and the comments from them have all been positive.

I constantly discover new challenges which drive my urge to fulfil my need to experience as much as I can which has led me to discover in my mind, possibly the best invention originating from the USA. This product is known as Kinetic Resistance Bands. Leg resistance bands are a great training tool for athletes who want to improve athletic performance while maximizing their training time.

These resistance bands for legs attach just above the knees; they allow athletes to have full range of motion while they practice sport-specific drills and skills. One is able to strengthen your legs, hips, hip flexors, glutes and abs without changing your workout. This is a great addition to your normal workout routine. I am very excited to have been granted sole distribution rights for Kinetic bands in South Africa. I am incredibly passionate about these Kinetic bands and my clients absolutely love them and definitely feel and see the benefits of incorporating them into their training routine. The best part about these Kinetic bands is that there is absolutely no excuse not to train. They are the first thing I pack when heading on holiday.

Every day has something new in it for me and I thrive on rising to new events. Being in the personal training industry has provided me with challenges in all possible forms. I love working with people, having such close and personal relationships with my clients that their success inspires me and defines everything that I love in my career. I believe in continually searching for new and innovative ways to train and develop people with programs tailored to their specific needs no matter how unique their lifestyle. Let me welcome you into my lifestyle. Me In Motion is a complete guide to your fitness and wellness helping you track your progress whilst being a part of this fitness community.

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