Me in Motion

MIM has constantly worked at discovering new challenges which drive our urge to fulfill the need to experience as much as we can within the sporting arena.  We believe we have a team surrounding us with the best knowledge, experience and expertise to allow athletes the opportunity to grow and develop within their field of sport.  We are innovative and constantly think outside the box.  We discovered that many athletes have not been exposed to the correct way of training, prehab and rehabilitation and therefore believe we have discovered a gap in the market especially within our schools.    We believe we can improve the sport and fitness industry by supporting them with the correct strength and conditioning professionals, personal trainers, sports coaches and managers devoted to helping others discover and maximizing their strengths in the pression and / or playing field.

We work at improving the knowledge of how to and when to implement the product of resistance bands for training by supporting athletes with the correct strength and conditioning knowledge.

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